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June 9, 2009

The case involved a 2005 contract between a Hungarian company (“OAM”) and a Swiss company (“FUCHS”), according to which OAM’s electric steel plant was to be modernized by FUCHS. Various provisions were adopted as to the payment of instalments and also with regard to the acceptance of the work.

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28 ASA Bull 553 (2010)
also see 3 SwissIntArbRep 281 (2009)
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March 31, 2009

French speakers subscribing to will remember that Domitille Baizeau commented the decision in late May and readers of Global Arbitration Review may have noticed Philip Landolt's criticism of the decision in 4 Issue 5 Global Arbitration Review 30-32 (2009). Whilst appreciating the points he made, I do not fully agree with Philip's view as will be clear from the following.